Tuesday, October 8, 2013

~I dreamed of you~

Yes...yes I did. And I was sadden that I would most certain have to wait til my next life time to hold you ...to know you ...to love you.

 Life...what a trip!!! The life choice to be a mum came with way more then I ever planned !! I grew up with dis function at the highest with selfish parents .But hey ,survived it!!

    I wasn't promised a rose garden and rainbows at every turn... Fancy cars in courtyard....A huge house.....trips to sunny places I read about in class .Truth be told ,I like , no L.O.V.E. vacations at Disneyland  when time allows .But I was promised that life can be better. I was promised the love of a good and hard working man ,who loves kids is a blessing. Good thing ,since we  had a few .

                        Number ten in line,Dante is already a funny kid 
                                                     He laughs

                                        He has a bright light and spirit

                I look at him in wonder  everyday..."We have a baby" ..."How did we get a baby??"
 But again ,truth be told ,I thought and said that about every baby I had ,and the son who stayed but  a moment in time before returning back to the heavens .Oh...how I love them all so!!!!

                 ~Back in the day when I thought six children was alot~
                                           {From February 11 ,1998 }