Thursday, July 24, 2014

~The past~

I simply LOVE this one from back in the day!!! March of 1991..... I was not yet 21 ,rocking some pretty thick ...and this little lady {My second eldest} wouldn't be 1 for another month.She loved playing hide and seek , and well ,the dryer  was always her first choice . We lived in a farm house in the country....Seems like a life time ago .

Sunday, July 20, 2014

~Our Tess~

On July 17th ....She graduated from boot camp.
Oh How proud we are of her !!!

She did some cool stuff along the way....
                                                                 ....Worked as a team....

....Throwing live grenades....
                                                  ....and met some great people!!!

    Her Father and two of her sisters attended family day and her graduation at Fort Jackson .

And the first thing Tess had been wanting/waiting for was......

                                                 She sure  looks smart in her Military Blues!! 

                                               ~Father and Daughter~

Next stop for Tess...A.I.T school in Virgina ....Where she will become an on the ground field mechanic for Striker Tanks , Training to become a ranger ,plus special training in infantry and airborne forces .

One daughter down ...and one to go ......for now  :)
{There is another daughter thinking.... "Navy" }

Friday, July 4, 2014

~A Very Merry Unbirthday~

Our littlest detail was born  on Blizzard filled day in late December 2012 .....We wanted his first birthday to be special ...So we picked another day , July 4th , what a grand time to celebrate!!!  It is referred to as an "Unbirthday",for the babies born very near Christmas or after .

        I remember my mother telling me how her birthday always seem to land on Thanksgiving ,so thus, not much fan fare was made for her.

     So , a bit late in the scheme of things... Happy Birthday little boy....We all love you so!!

Love , Mum