Thursday, July 21, 2011

~Reflection of the past~

~My girlfriend and I have went thru many stages in our lives together...Middle school...High school... marriage... family  and the loss of our mothers.  We are still friends to this day. To ..boys and broken hearts they left behind in our fabulous teen years. And thru it all we are there for each other. I was listening to a song  just the other day playing on the radio . I stopped to listen for the first time....though it has played just about non stop on the radio since its release .... And I thought of the days sitting on my girlfriend's bedroom floor as we mixed tapes for every cause we the "In love" tape the "Creep broke my heart " tape and everything in between.While this song played..I thought too bad this one wasn't around back then. Fairly fitting to some of the guys we met and thought...You're gonna wish you never had met me.

Friday, July 1, 2011

~A Ginger Life~
Life of a redhead. . . .
When I was growing up in the 70's and 80's, it was not popular to be a redhead. Memories of my childhood{Which were gruesome
to say the least} rang with heckles of "Freckle-Face","Pippi Longstocking" and my most favorite "Medusa" . My brothers were always quick to my defense  ,both tan ,one blond the other sand colored hair . I was the freaky baby sister with the fair skin .The only other family members that had red hair were Dad who stands 6'2 now with grey hair and my 2 aunts {Fay and Sheila}who I thought were so pretty.
I never possessed the California or Maui tan that many of my family and friends had. No matter how hard I tried, the best I could come up with was  the "Savage Tan," which bore an eye catching resemblance to a sunburn.
If I was really lucky  I didn't blister . . . and peel .

As for  today, grateful  to actresses like Julia Roberts
and Gillian Anderson ,{Who my big brother Mike said I look like and love him for that } red hair is wicked hot. I've learned to welcome the fact that I was hallowed to be born with a hair color that is outside the realm of the ordinary. We redheads are a rare and exotic breed. Our temperament matches our hair color, fiery, uninhabited and passionate.
Naturally red hair is scarce. In fact, only about two percent of the United States population is born with red hair. So rare are true redheads that, for centuries, redheaded women were hung or burned as witches. Some theorize that the red hair gene is so recessive that redheads are ultimately doomed for extinction. 

I have many daughters and a son that say I'm pretty to have the color of hair I have ,and how I tried for years to change it.
With that I just smile . . and think "WOW . . What an incredible crew I was astonishing bless to have and keep ."