Monday, December 30, 2013

~Once ~

There once was a day I would take all the children with me shopping......and truth be told , I loved it .I would be told by other people in the market... "Wow!! You have your hands full!" After a while the older children tired of hearing that from strangers .

 Over the years ,less and less kids came out with me to do the marketing . The kids got older , jobs of their own , school plays , youth group and hanging out with their friends.

I really thought those days were behind me....Until now....

                           My husband and sons come with Coral and I

                           Our youngest son wanted to help push the cart

                        Our littlest detail.... seems like he growing up fast

         He loves the freedom to walk around while we furniture and paint shop

As our lives change from being a big family with grown children moving out ,boyfriends/girlfriends,
schools , jobs , learning to drive ,sleep overs and having a 1 year old running around , I figured that  Life doesn't go in the direction you want, just in the direction you need go.
With this new phase of our lives...I can hardly wait to take this little guy on some grand adventures.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

~Butterfly Kisses~

Where did my time go with my girls?? Was it not just yesterday my girls were little?? Disney movies with popcorn at the drive-in ...trips in the car . Playing in the courtyard picking flowers from the gardens... Chasing down lady bugs ,dragon flies and butterflies ... Catching snakes , swimming in the pool and  awaiting the ice-cream truck to come ringing down the street . I so miss 'Those' days. Life seemed more simple ,busy yes...but easier back then .  In the past month 3 more of our adult daughters have  moved out of the only home they have ever known. goes just so fast . I thought I had more time....More time for late night talks , more time for movies in the media room....more time to listen for them to come through the door....more time to hear their laughter...more time for family dinners....just...more time.

                        Bottom ready as they were...I wasn't ....

            I am in awe of our daughters....Their strength  ,their love for each other....

          Greg and I set out to raise a family of love .... and I think we did just that.

There's two things I know for sure: They were sent here from the heavens and I love them so!!

 ...and this song reminds me of them....