Sunday, August 24, 2014

~Weekend Fare part IV~

Yep....Time is going fast!!!

  Not a problem .... With my handy camera in hand and willing subjects ..its all good!!!

   With school soon upon us ....Saturday was spent  filling
the lists of only two kids. Sisi really dug these shoes...but none in her size...easy enough...the same style was ordered off the net....along with their backpacks .
Supplies all bought and the school trunk is all stocked up for the year ahead .

*Updated Sept. 5th....*
 ....The kids backpacks arrived (:

Back home to put all the stuff away...With some vintage vinyl playing in the background and a little detail wanting to help....he is a cool little boy!!

 Then it was off to the park to feed the ducks , watch the jet boats coming in  for the night and catch a grand sunset in the cool twilight breeze ....

.....I truly love this town and the beauty it holds . Last stop was the local pizza place for a late dinner.

Today was spent getting rooms set up after a day at the movie house catching  Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D.All the kids loved it!!!
  We finished off the day with a trip to the local ice cream place for some frozen treats....
.....I love their faces!!!

With one weekend will come up fast.

With more checked off the "to do" was a good weekend at the shoe  (;

Cheers to the week ahead ,
Little Old lady

Thursday, August 21, 2014

~Best Friends~

                           Its a Throw Back Thursday !!!

My eldest with at the time our youngest daughter MeeMee . The baby was at best about 3 weeks old.
M~ was always loving with all her siblings....but there was the joker/I'm going to get you big sister side too. And don't get me wrong...they all fought ...part of growing up in a tiny house with toys to share and limited funds .

Flash forward to today....These two little ladies are as close as can be. This year saw many of the girls moving out...and MeeMee did so in June. Which leaves only 3 left home...I'm happy to see her in her new roll in life and her independents. Her hard work ethic , attention to detail and a strong foundation for her education....She will go far ,just like the rest of her sisters.

                               These are the days I miss ......
                               So glad I have a still frame 
                                    to remember (:  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

~Weekend Fare part III~

With 17 days and counting before School starts back in...time is short.
We Try to get as much {Family time}in as the clock and calender will allow

Concerts to attend....

Films to catch at the Movie House....

Trips to the Coast....

Watching the stars.....

Setting up Bedrooms....

Shopping to do....

 And late LATE nights with picnics on the bed......and a detail who had a bad dream.....
   Best way to fix time with Mum and Dad...and oh ya...Tangled for the hundredth

While out and about today in attempts to restock supplies for the hungry teens that  step through my door......I came across these (:

                                               Halloween is Coming!!!!

Back home to my loves...On the way home ,we were greeted with a great Oregon Sunset!!!{Love this place!!!}
In hand was the first of a few bags of Halloween confections .....and a sassy her so!!!

                 .....Bath time with our littlest detail....

      And to wind down the night....Some fun pulled from the movie library ....

    As my life has changed from terribly CRAZY hectic to pretty low key {For the most part}
I'm happy..... Happy with where my life is heading....And I think I'm in love....And my life's lookin' up.~*~*¨*•♪♫•*.

Have a grand week!!!

Little Old Lady~

Sunday, August 10, 2014

~Weekend Fare part II ~

 The weekend starts with visits from the grand girls!!! Dinner with Sierra .....Time with Daddy....

                   .....A little something sweet....for fun!!!

Due to a hiccup with some military paper work....We were gifted a few more weeks with Leila....
She came by for last good-byes {For now} and lots of laughter and hugs!!!
She shipped out early this morning ...We will miss her so!!!

Ending out the weekend...a video call from Tess before she headed to bed.

All an all a grand weekend at the little shoe :)

Have a great week!!!
~The Little old lady~

Sunday, August 3, 2014

~Weekend Fare~

The weekends always seem to go by oh so quickly ....

                               ...... a little boy and staying up late.....

                            ....our eldest back from Hawaii baring gifts....and stories.

                          .....Homemade Mexican food {Made with love}, YUM!!!!

                          ......Talking with one of our daughters.....

            And remembering a little baby boy that was once in my resides in the heavens.
                                                      Even after 14 still hurts .

I was talking with my man about our lost son....and he said this, "Who's to say that we didn't get a second chance?? What were the odds we would have another baby...a boy no less. We have quite the track record for girls . I like to think that Dante is him..... our second chance ."

Hmmm.....maybe he is right.