Sunday, August 24, 2014

~Weekend Fare part IV~

Yep....Time is going fast!!!

  Not a problem .... With my handy camera in hand and willing subjects ..its all good!!!

   With school soon upon us ....Saturday was spent  filling
the lists of only two kids. Sisi really dug these shoes...but none in her size...easy enough...the same style was ordered off the net....along with their backpacks .
Supplies all bought and the school trunk is all stocked up for the year ahead .

*Updated Sept. 5th....*
 ....The kids backpacks arrived (:

Back home to put all the stuff away...With some vintage vinyl playing in the background and a little detail wanting to help....he is a cool little boy!!

 Then it was off to the park to feed the ducks , watch the jet boats coming in  for the night and catch a grand sunset in the cool twilight breeze ....

.....I truly love this town and the beauty it holds . Last stop was the local pizza place for a late dinner.

Today was spent getting rooms set up after a day at the movie house catching  Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D.All the kids loved it!!!
  We finished off the day with a trip to the local ice cream place for some frozen treats....
.....I love their faces!!!

With one weekend will come up fast.

With more checked off the "to do" was a good weekend at the shoe  (;

Cheers to the week ahead ,
Little Old lady