Sunday, May 25, 2014

~Letters Home~

....That is what arrived a few days back....and how happy we all were to get our first letters and contact from one of our daughters.
....Writing letters is in some ways a lost art in today's  world. With computers and cell phones...there is really no need for stationery ,stamps and envelopes. And case in point...we had none of these things that I once had and used.

After a late night of shopping with one of my daughters ,we came home with everything needed to write a solder far from home...and missing her family.

 I remember back in the day ,my girlfriend Cat and I would pen pal back and forth.... her in California and I in Oregon ,plus we belonged to Penpal International. There was something grand about getting a hand written letter from across the seas and from far away places .... Her and I still have all our letters...tied in bundles with fancy ribbons .... I will do the same for the letters from the girls .

Enclosed in the letters was information on a web site that keeps parents,family, loved ones and friends up to date on what our solders are learning....and the bonus to this was??? PICTURES!!

 ..... ARMY STRONG!!!!!!