Sunday, June 8, 2014

~A Phone Call...Home~

Today...Sunday morning .....We all waited for today...plans made...time set.

Everyone was to meet here at the "Parent's House" by 10a.m. Starbucks Coffee already brewed...fresh cream and brown sugar...YUM!!!Disneyland Mug for all...anyone under the age of 12.. Well, it is orange juice in vintage amber glasses .

Greg and our oldest daughter Mystique make breakfast in our tiny kitchen...our eldest makes fun of how she forgot just how small it really is and this was the reason she moved out....we all laughed.  Everyone is visiting with one another...grandchildren play in the Media room with the baby's toys...

...we are waiting....watching a very very slow clock on the wall with South Carolina time...

10:50a.m. ~"RING"~

"It is Tessa ,its her "....Greg shouts!!

...making her first call home!!!
     We all gather around Greg all shouting hi and we love you to her and how we all miss her so!!!!
She was so surprised we were all together. We told her no one wanted to miss their chance to hear her voice...not like it is an everyday thing these days.

After a few tears and keeping an eye on the time {There was a time limit of 15 minutes ,the girls got an extra 5 minutes on account they are cleaner then the guys} We asked all the questions and made a list of things she would like sent if possible .More stamps please she says...cough drops ,sugar free on account she is sick...maybe some lotion??
{But of course we say}

She said she hopes she is making us all proud..and said...its hard hard work , but worth it all to keep her family ,friends and loved ones safe....just in case.

....the call ended far to quickly ...not sure we will hear from her again by phone . Family day and Graduation day is in mid July....we will see her then.

{Contessa with some of her Platoon}

....It was a GRAND SUNDAY in my little shoe .

~Happy Sunday All~

Signed .
The Little Old Lady (: