Monday, July 22, 2013

~A Baby Boy~

This same time last year , I was worried about the baby I carried .Would he be healthy ??? Would he be normal ??? Would I carry him to term ??? How will my other children {His siblings} see him?? Would they love him ??? And the biggest question I had was...Am I too old to have him?? Would I ....could I be able to keep up with him ???

          He turned 7 months old just the other day.....and I watch in wonder at his leaps and bounds .
   ...Listening to his laughter...his first words....trying new foods for the first time...and crawling.
 Silly now to think of all my time and energy wasted on such silly worries. Thinking about it...He opened doors long since closed to certain parts of my life. The fun to be had at new experiences once done for his siblings before him...Fireworks....Road trips...Ice-cream cones....The river for the first time....Swimming in the pool....

            I never thought I would be a mum again....So happy and blessed I am. I find it harder to remember life without this bright eyed little baby boy...and in some ways...I was waiting for him.