Friday, July 12, 2013

~What a year brings~

If someone told me I would be "in this place" in my life ... I would have said to them they were mad. Ah...what a year brings....Happiness ,sorrow ,hopes made ,dreams dreamt ,friends you once held dear , gone before their time ,letters not written back and phone calls never made. Life is an odd come with details you didn't expect . I was blessed with a new love of my life...a new son.... on a blizzard filled day in December ....
He came to the world in the usual way , and he was/is prefect .
He grows before my eyes ,surround by his sisters and brother who adore him!!! A proud father who rushes home everyday to hold him. Sadly there is his grandmother who died just a few hours after he arrived. She never saw her newest grandson. This year brought losses I never thought would come to pass...but that is life..right?

As I sit here to write...a baby sleeps in my arms with not a care in the world and sound .Two kids curled up in my bed watching Netfliks .....two more teenage daughters home from work quietly chatting about their day and the plans of tomorrow ....and one of my eldest arrived home after a tough day with beer in hand asking for my time....and I smile...for they will still come and talk with me.

......Life  may not be going in the direction I thought it may....Blessed all the same to be on the journey.