Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~Army parents~

The day has come....we our now  Army parents to two of our daughters.

A scary thought for a worry ,will they be safe?? We will  no longer be in arms reach of them or a phone call away ,for they will be a good few 1000 plus miles away....meeting new people, training ,learning new skills to take them further in their new military life. The next thought is ,how proud you are as  parents ,that this they felt was their calling.Growing up in a small town ,it doesn't really offer young adults much in the way of a career . Community collage was an option ,but one they were not interested in . Helping people was.
    Our family ,friends and the small town community have shown great love and support for the girls.

So ,we prepare to the fast approaching day they leave. Spending as much time together as a family. On Easter Sunday we all came together , to laugh ,tell stories ,see old friends and of course taking many photos!!

                Sisters ,Aunty and Best friend.....
   Proud parents ,Sisters , Aunty , cousins and Uncle....

  Baby Brother ,Dancing with the eldest sister.....

        All together .....

It will be hard to see them off ,to say good bye for husband is a quiet man full of love for all his children ...He took to the computer to write his thoughts down...

Karen and I have a large family, well by today's standards we do. 7 Girls and 2 boys. We have a tribe, a tight knit unit , a kaleidoscope of personalities that Karen and I have had the privilege of watching unfold. They are in their own right amazing individuals It is two of these fine people that I would like to take a moment to beam with Fatherly pride about.
At the beginnings of May our family will be saying enthusiastic, albeit sad , farewells for right now to two of our girls. They both have enlisted in the Army, something they both have wanted for years,and now the time of their departure is nearly upon us.
Karen and I am so proud of both of them. Watching as they worked out in our living room soaked in sweat, pullups,crunches,yoga ,P90X, Insanity,only to put on their running shoes so they could put in the miles. I see them as I drive on my side of town running their 12 miles.Because they don't want to be held to the lower physical standards that that are presented to them because they are women, they want to exceed the standards that they put in place for the men. They don't want to be seen as a liability, but as an asset that they know they are. They are intelligent and are excited about the jobs they have been given, with the hopes to build on those skills in their forthcoming lives.
I will miss the impromptu visits at work and home, where they come to chat or vent. Where they know they can raid the fridge or snack on Dinner as Karen is making it. Talking, discussing and passionately presenting points of view around the dining room table will be diminished by two.
As I look at their faces full of enthusiasm and potential I remember what that was like. Age and parenthood has taken some of the ,excuse the term, Piss and vinegar out of me but I know that it reside in my children.
I am so very proud of my girls that they are embarking on the next leg of their journey, not without fear, but in spite of it. They will do well and help other to do the same.I will be excited to hear their stories about people, places and challenges meet and overcome.I know they will be as safe as they can,and they will provide safety to those around them.
I could go on,and on, but I will conclude on the note of:

I am proud that I am the Father of two Army Daughters.

~Our new Creed~

 Army Parents Creed
I am the parent of an American soldier.
I will support, respect and honor the protectors of this great Nation, this team we call Army.
I seek to serve by word and deed not only my soldier but all soldiers.
I will always treat a soldier respectfully, always defending their service with pride.
I will never accept disrespect or dishonor of my soldier or any soldier from anyone.
I will never abandon a soldier, injured or otherwise and I will always fight for their right to be treated fairly and honorably, even by those with whom they serve.
I will privately bear the pain of loss and separation from my soldier, always striving to be uplifting and positive in their presence for their sake.
I will always acknowledge an Army soldier in public or private, commending and praising them for their service to us.
I will never let them forget that we are proud of them nor of the deep appreciation we have for their sacrifice.
I will stand by my soldier and those who serve with them, confronting anyone seeking to harm, dishonor or deny them basic human rights.
I am the mother or father of my child, I am an Army parent.