Friday, April 25, 2014

~Friday Night~

As life goes from busy to terribly  hectic plus stressful  , I find it harder to make time for certain things.... fun things.... Family things.

Today was ½ day for the kids in school ..... So the perfect time to make time . After all the chores were done , cups of coffee to be had....milk to be finished...

We all were free to go where the day could take us.... Ah, but the clock on the wall told a different story ..... There were places to go, yes  {off to Work for some }  friends to hang out with for others and babies to be watched.
 After all was said and done , I was left with only three home. The baby and his two sisters .

Before I knew it , dinner time was looming and thus required my attention. I was not prepared ... With a baby back in the house , I always keep a back up fast plan in the deep  freezer for such a night 

Case in point.....
Fast...A crowd favorite.... plus easy clean up for me .
 Which freed me up to spend time with my youngest daughter and her love for spooky flicks.
Her picks Pulled from the library...... She is very much her mother's daughter....

And at the end of the night , after bath time and PJ's.... She spent time with her baby brother and his love of Disneyland on my Nexus .
  I love Friday nights~