Thursday, November 13, 2014


 It is Birthday Time again here in the little shoe.

 Once a little baby I held in my arms now a Teenager...13...

Time....where does it go????




I remember this day like if it were yesterday. Surrounded by my family and my 3 best girlfriends.... Jewels , M~ and Lis~  

They all had young ones and babies of their own at home....Meant the world to me that they were with me on this still does.

Greg was so proud to hold his new daughter....and all the protective older sisters she has ,kept a watchful eye on her ...they still do today.


As time has moved on grow going off to joining the moving out on their getting married...

I'm grateful and blessed for the adventure....and the photographs I have taken along the way. And as the last of my daughters hit the teenage era .... I look back with great love....  Happy  Birthday my youngest daughter..I love you so!!!